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hammer crusher patent mine

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  • hammer crusher patent mine
  • hammer crusher patent mine

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  • A kind of mine ring hammer crusher Google Patents

    The invention discloses a kind of mine ring hammer crushers,Including crusher ontology,The front end face of the crusher ontology is equipped with electricThe utility model discloses a hammer crusher comprising a box body, a rotor, a bearing seat, a feeding opening, a discharge opening and a retaining U Hammer crusher Google Patents

  • CNA Hammer crusher Google Patents

    The invention discloses a hammer crusher The hammer crusher comprises a shell, wherein a crushing cavity is formed in the shell; a feeding hole for feeding materials toHammer mill, for crushing scrap metal, having a housing with an inlet and an outlet covered by a classification grid, in which a hammer rotor rotates, above which is a coverFRA1 HAMMER CRUSHER Google Patents

  • Crushers 911 Metallurgist

    2016年10月23日· Fig 27 illustrates a type of swinghammer crusher introduced in France and England about 1904, and now made by the Patent Lightning Crusher Company This machine was fitted with Ushaped or “ stirrup ” hammers instead of rows of multiple bars with narrow striking facesThe utility model relates to the field of hammer disc structures of crushers, in particular to a rotor hammer disc structure of a mine crusher Including the hammer dish, hammer dish outer wall middle part is equipped with pulverizes the wheel, still includes: the chute is arranged at the position where the hammer disc is connected with the crushing wheel,Rotor hammer disc structure of mine crusher Google Patents

  • / hammer crusher patent minemd at main ·

    Contribute to changjiangsx/ development by creating an account on GitHub2019年12月10日· There are two types of impact crushers: horizontal shaft impactor and vertical shaft impactor Impact crushers are suitable for materials that are soft or easily cleaving from the surface The crusher consists of a fast spinning rotor and beaters attached to the rotor The feed is entering to the crusher from the top and crushing startsType of crushers and their difference JXSC Mining

  • CNA Mine novel wheel type crusher Google Patents

    The invention discloses a mine novel wheel type crusher The crusher is an independent apparatus, can be installed on an upper milling coal hole of a coal bunker of a receiving belt or receiving scraper plate, and can be installed below a nose chute of a conveyor, and the minimum crushing particle size can be made according to the demand, and the crushingUSA * Kennedy Van Saun Mfg & Eng Apparatus for reducing material by impact USA * Fuller Co Impact hammer mill USA * Williams Patent Crusher & Pulv Refining apparatusFRA1 HAMMER CRUSHER Google Patents

  • CNU Splashingprevention material inlet of hammer crusher

    1 chain curtains wherein; 2 feeding mouth; 3 crusher chamber The specific embodiment: Claims ( 1) CN 8Splashingprevention material inlet of hammer crusher CNU ( en ) Priority Applications (1) CN 8CNU ( en ) Splashingprevention material inlet of hammer crusherThe utility model provides a hammer crusher of a scraper conveyor, which is used mainly used for crushing lump coal or lump waste rocks on the coal face scraper conveyor, and also can be used for other mining industries The hammer crusher is characterized in that upper supporting plates are respectively welded on two sides of a middle groove of the scraperHammer crusher of scraper conveyor Google Patents

  • CNA Hammer crusher Google Patents

    The invention discloses a hammer crusher The hammer crusher comprises a shell, wherein a crushing cavity is formed in the shell; a feeding hole for feeding materials to be crushed is formed in the top of the crushing cavity; a discharging hole for discharging subquality products is formed in the bottom of the crushing cavity; a left shaft and a rightA hammer crusher wherein the internal surfaces of the housing 1 and breaker plates A, B, C, View Patent Images: Download PDF US Patent References: : HAMMER CRUSHER: : Alt: : Apparatus for pulverizing coal and the like: : Fawcett:HAMMER CRUSHER GUNTER ALT FreePatentsOnline

  • USA Hammercrusher Google Patents

    Priority to USA priority Critical patent/USA/en Application granted granted Critical Figure l, is a vertical section of a hammer crusher constructed according to our invention; Fig 2, is a side elevation of a machine somewhat similar to that shown in Fig l,The invention discloses the hammer axle construction on a kind of rotor of hammer type crusherIt includes central shaft that the technical program, which hammers axis Priority to CN95A priority Critical patent/CNA/en XINXIANG DINGLI MINE EQUIPMENT Co,Ltd : TA01: Transfer of patentGoogle Patents CNA A kind of hammer axle

  • CNA Mine main crusher Google Patents

    The invention discloses a mine main crusher, which structurally comprises: the invention realizes the matching of the belt hinge wheel disc and the triangular hammer frame meshing disc, the crushing, settling and covering effect is formed by winding and pressing an outer frame ring through the belt hinge wheel and rolling an arc surface through a triangularThe utility model discloses a hammer impact crusher which comprises a lower shell, an upper shell and a rotor with mesh screen; wherein the mesh screen is curved and at the axis of the rotor to provide a bigger meshing area, the material with a big size with be grinded between the mesh screen and the crushing hammer, the mesh screen is detachable toCNY Hammer impact crusher Google Patents

  • USB1 Hammer crusher Google Patents

    A hammer crusher has a rotor disk centered on and rotatable about an axis, having a predetermined outside diameter, and formed with five angularly equispaced and radially outwardly open pockets Respective support bolts in the cavities define on rotation of the disk an orbit of generally the same diameter as the predetermined outside disk diameter2013年5月20日· The invention discloses a crusher hammer head The crusher hammer head comprises independent hammer heads, sawtooth bumps and dowel pin holes; the crusher hammer head is combined by the three independent hammer heads which have a certain angle with one another, wherein the width of each independent hammer head isCNA Crusher hammer head Google Patents

  • USA Hammer crusher Google Patents

    USA Impacting crusher with variable flow feed distributor USA Hammer mill USA Hammer crusher USA Reversible hammer mill with power driven impactor surfaces USA Removable screen structure for rotary beater millsHammer crusher Download PDF Info Priority to USA priority Critical patent/USA/en Application granted granted Critical Publication of USA publication Critical patent/USA/en Anticipated expiration legalstatus CriticalUSA Hammer crusher Google Patents

  • CNU Residential coal crusher Google Patents

    2011年2月10日· The utility model relates to a residential coal crusher Power provided by a motor is subjected to threestage reduction and then is transmitted to a chain wheel and a chain to do elliptic motion together; due to circular motion of the chain wheel, an elongated shaft on the chain is automatically combined with and separated from a hammer hook;The invention relates to a hammer crusher which comprises at least one rotor (1) which is formed by at least one beater plate (2) Hammers (3) are arranged evenly distributed along the periphery of said plate Every hammer (3) can be freely moved about a locking bolt (4) within a oscillating space (5) On every beater plate (2) five hammers (3) each areEPA1 Hammer crusher Google Patents

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